Amojjar Pass

Coordinates: 20°30′N 13°00′W / 20.5°N 13.0°W / 20.5; -13.0

Amojjar Pass is a mountain pass in the Adrar Plateau in the centre of Adrar, near Atar, Mauritania.[1] The pink-brown sandstone of the pass was worn away by repeated cycles of extreme dryness interrupted by torrential rain.[1] The bases of the steep valley walls are covered in scree, loosed by the erosion of the rainfall.[1] There is little plant life in the pass. Acacias are a notable exception, as they are resistant to drought.[1]

Amojjar Pass
Amojjar Pass Road
Traversed byRoad
LocationAtar, Mauritania
RangeAdrar Plateau
Amojjar Pass is located in Mauritania
Amojjar Pass

Amojjar Pass is an important link for ground transportation in Mauritania because it provides a somewhat protected roadway connecting Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott, with other important locations such as Ouadane and Chinguetti.[2]

The Neolithic rock paintings of Agrour Amogjar are near the pass, northeast of Atar at 20°35′N 12°45′W / 20.583°N 12.750°W / 20.583; -12.750.[3]



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