Amir Sultan

Amir Sultan (1368–1429) was Amir Kulal Shamsuddin’s grandson. He was invited by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I to Anatolia. Bayezid I had a daughter named " Hundi Fatema Sultan Hatun" from his marriage with Daulat Khatun (Devletshah Hatun) who was married to Amir Sultan.[1] Daulat Khatun (Devletshah Hatun) was a descendant of Jalal ud-Din Rumi. By the end of fourteenth century Timur and Bayezid I had emerged as two superpowers in Asia and Europe, making the confrontation between two a matter of time. Timur took the lead and conquered the Ottoman city of Sivas, disseminating the local population in his trademark style. At the same time two princes, Ahmad Jalair (Ahmad (Jalayirids)) and Kara Yosuf (Qara Yusuf) sought for protection at Bayezid I's court. Their territories had been conquered by Timur. Timur sent two embassies demanding surrender of the two princes, but Bayezid I refused. Bayezid I went a step further and prepared for an attack on Timur’s territory. At this point his son-in-law Amir Sultan advised him against the move knowing well the penchant and proficiency of Timur and his soldiers in a battlefield. However, his genteel council fell on deaf ears. Instigated and incited by the two princes Bayezid I seized Erzurum which was under Timur’s rule. To Timur this was declaration of war and in his symbolic manner he started conquering Ottoman cities one by one with whirlwind speed. Bayezid I took his army to stop Timur and the two goliaths met at the plains of the Battle of Ankara on 20 July 1402 (804AH). Although Bayezid I had made a fierce reputation in Europe as a brilliant general and ferocious warrior but he was no match for Timur whose years in battlefield far exceeded Bayazid’s age. The Timurid attack was ruthless and merciless and in one word, Timur “annihilated” the Ottoman army, taking Bayezid I, his children and princes as captives.

Shamsuddin "Mohamed bin Ali" Al-Bukhari
Emir Sultan Camii - Bursa 2017 (6).jpg
Tomb of Emir Sultan, spouse, son and two daughters in Bursa, Turkey
In-universe information
Full nameSayed Shamsuddin Mohamed Bin Ali Al-Hussain Al-Bukhari
AliasMohamed Al-Bukhari
NicknameEmir Sultan
SpouseHundi Fatema Sultan Hatun, daughter of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I
Children"Emir Ali" and two daughters

Amir Sultan had decided not to be a party of the war. It was because of the family associations with the Barlas tribe he decided not to be associated with the either side while the state-of-war lasted between the two sovereigns. It might have been this decision coupled with the fact that his family was regarded as mentors by the Timurid Dynasty which meant he did not share the same fate as his in-laws.

After the battle Amir Sultan returned to his native soil at Vabkent. His children went to Chinese Turkistan. After Babur established the Mughal Empire his descendants moved to India. Among them Shah Jamal, Shah La’al, Shah Abbas, and Shah Altaf are the notables.


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