Amina Mohamed (film director)

Amina Mohamed (1908–1985) was an Egyptian dancer, actress and film director.[1][2]

Amina Mohamed
Occupation(s)Dancer, actress and film director
Notable workTita Wong, 1937


Mohamed was from a poor rural background without links to the Cairo art scene. She and her niece, Amina Rizq, moved to Cairo with their mothers; the pair were locked in the house after their first theatrical performance. Amina succeeded in gaining fame as a dancer and actress.[3]

Mohamed was director, producer, screenwriter, editor and star of Tita Wong (1937).[3] The film was shot in collaboration with a group of intellectual friends, including the director Salah Abou Seif and the painters Salah Taher and Abdel Salam El Sherif.[2] Tita Wong, played by Mohamed, is the daughter of poor Chinese immigrants in Cairo, forced to dance in a night club. Accused of murdering her uncle, her lawyer tries to argue her innocence, with flashbacks illustrating her earlier life.[3]


As directorEdit

  • Tita Wong, 1937

As actressEdit

  • Dr. Farhat, 1935
  • The Sailor / El bahar (1935)
  • Shadow of the Past / Shabah el madi (1935)
  • The Night Watchman / Ghafir el darak (1936)
  • The Doorkeeper / Bawwab el imarah (1936)
  • One Hundred Thousand Guineas / Meet alf guinea (1936)
  • Tita Wong (1937)
  • Eternal Glory / El magid el khalid (1937)
  • The Love of the Mad / El hub el morestani (1937)
  • The Ten Commandments[4]


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