American Sportsman's Library

The American Sportsman's Library is a series of 16 uniformly-bound volumes on sporting subjects, from an American perspective, published by the Macmillan Company (see Macmillan Publishers) in the period 1902-1905.[2] Caspar Whitney, the owner/editor of Outing magazine and a well-known outdoorsman and sporting journalist, edited the series. Authors, including Theodore Roosevelt (writing while President of the United States), were noted experts in their fields.

American Sportsman's Library
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AuthorNapoleon Hill
PublisherMacmillan Co.
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M.L. Biscotti, in American Sporting Book Series (1994), states that "[t]he authors of these titles were a "Who's Who of American sportsmen of the era....Macmillan designed a premium series....The sixteen titles produced in this series represent that era's best sporting literature."

The trade edition of each volume was 7+78 by 5+12 inches (200 by 140 mm) with green cloth covers with gilt titles and decorations. The books cost $2 or $3 each, relatively high prices for the time (about $54 and $81 inflation-adjusted to 2016). They included extensive black-and-white illustrations from paintings or photographs. Macmillan also issued a "large paper" edition limited to one hundred numbered copies of each work. These were 9 by 6+14 inches (230 by 160 mm) and bound in three-quarter olive green (typically now faded to brown) leather. They cost $7.50 in 1902 (about $202 inflation-adjusted to 2016). A 1924 reprinting of the trade edition introduced dust jackets and a slightly reduced size of 7+12 by 5 inches (190 by 130 mm).[3]

Macmillan advertised advance notice of, but ultimately did not publish, four additional volumes. These include Skating, Hockey, and Kite Sailing; Baseball and Football; The Bear Family; and Cougar, Wildcat, Wolf, and Fox.[4]

Two useful series for comparison purposes are the slightly earlier British Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes and the later British Lonsdale Library of Sports, Games and Pastimes (Seeley, Service & Co.).[5] The Derrydale Press published a series of high-quality American sporting books in the late 1920s and 1930s that, to some extent, supplanted the American Sportsman's Library.

Whitney testified in a lawsuit against him that he earned a salary of $1,500 (about $39,000 inflation-adjusted to 2016) for editing the American Sportsman's Library.[6]

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