American Division

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The NHL's American Division was formed after expansion in 1926. The division existed for 12 seasons until 1938.

American Division
LeagueNational Hockey League
SportIce hockey
Most titlesBoston Bruins (7)

Division lineupsEdit


  • Boston Bruins
  • Chicago Black Hawks
  • Detroit Cougars
  • New York Rangers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates

Changes from the 1925–26 seasonEdit

  • The American Division is formed as the result of NHL realignment
  • The Chicago Black Hawks (formerly the Portland Rosebuds) and the Detroit Cougars (formerly the Victoria Cougars) were admitted from the Western Hockey League
  • The New York Rangers are added as an expansion team


  • Boston Bruins
  • Chicago Black Hawks
  • Detroit Falcons
  • New York Rangers
  • Philadelphia Quakers

Changes from the 1929–30 seasonEdit

  • The Detroit Cougars change their name to the Detroit Falcons
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to become the Philadelphia Quakers


Changes from the 1930–31 seasonEdit

  • The Philadelphia Quakers folded due to financial problems


Changes from 1932–33 seasonEdit

  • The Detroit Falcons change their name to the Detroit Red Wings

After the 1937–38 seasonEdit

The league collapsed into one single table, reverting to the format of the 1925–26 season, after the Montreal Maroons folded in 1938.

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