American Baptist International Ministries

American Baptist International Ministries is an international Baptist Christian missionary society. It is a constituent board affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA. The headquarters is in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States.

American Baptist International Ministries
Founded1814; 207 years ago (1814)
FoundersWalter Gowans
Rowland Bingham
Thomas Kent
HeadquartersKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 70 countries
FieldsChristian Missionary Outreach
AffiliationsAmerican Baptist Churches USA


Adoniram Judson, co-founder of the Missionary Society

The Society was founded in 1814 as the Baptist Board for Foreign Missions by the Triennial Convention (now American Baptist Churches USA).[1] The first mission of the organization takes place in Burma with the missionaries Adoniram Judson and Ann Hasseltine Judson in 1814.[2] Other missions that followed took place in Siam in 1833, India in 1840, China in 1842, Japan in 1872 and Philippines in 1900.[3] It is renamed American Baptist Missionary Union in 1845, American Baptist Foreign Mission Society in 1910, American Board of International Ministries in 1973.[4] In 2018, it had 1,800 volunteers in 70 countries.[5]

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The first chapel in the proximity of Kintambo, now "avenue de l'Avenir", quartier Basoko, Ngaliema, founded 1891 by Sims Aaron, legal representative to ABFMS.


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