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Season One of America's Got Talent, an American talent show competition, began broadcasting in the United States during 2006, from June 21 to August 17. It was originally intended to be aired after the first season of Britain's Got Talent, but following a dispute between that edition's planned host and the network that had secured the rights to the program, the Got Talent creator, Simon Cowell, decided to suspend work on the British edition and focused his attention on the American edition. Production staff appointed the program's first judges to be David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan, and the first host to be Regis Philbin. The success of the season per its ratings helped to foster development of international editions of Got Talent, along with restarting production work on the British edition.

America's Got Talent
Season 1
Broadcast fromJune 21 –
August 17, 2006
Host(s)Regis Philbin
Bianca Ryan
Bianca Ryan.jpg
Bianca Ryan
OriginPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Genre(s)Gospel, pop, R&B
All That & The Millers

The first season was won by singer Bianca Ryan,[1] with clogging dance group All That and singer/musician duo The Millers finishing as runner-ups within the Top 3 finalists.


Season OverviewEdit

Both Brandy Norwood and Regis Philbin only served on the program in their respective roles for the first season only; neither would return for the second season for different reasons.

In 2005, Simon Cowell devised plans for a televised talent competition, originally intending for it be created and broadcast in Britain through the British broadcaster ITV, with an American edition to follow after its first season. However, following a pilot broadcast of the format, a dispute arose between ITV and Paul O'Grady, the originally intended host of Britain's Got Talent. In the wake of the dispute, after O'Grady decided to sign on to another network, Cowell suspended production on the British edition, and instead focused on the American edition in 2006. Production staff launched auditions across the United States at this time, while they subsequently searched for and chose those would front the program - Regis Philbin was finalised as the host, with the judges selected being David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan. After the initial round of auditions had been completed, those passed through on these were entered into more a extensive round of major auditions across three major cities in April 2006 - Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Results were mainly aired after each live round of the season. However, unlike later seasons of the program or other international editions of Got Talent, the format of the live rounds was unique in the first season of America's Got Talent in several places, with the exception of the results:

  • Judges could not stop a performance at any time.
  • Judges could denote what they thought of an act either with a check mark (for approved) or a "X" (for disapproved). These votes did not impact how the public would vote in the final.
  • Wildcards could be picked out from amongst any of the semi-finalists that didn't advance pass their appointed stage to take part in a special round. The judges could each pick any two acts they wanted from the semi-finals, while the public could vote for an act from each semi-final that they wanted.

Of the participants who auditioned for this season, 40 secured a place in the semi-finals, with ten appearing in each one, and eight of these acts making it into the live final. Around ten of the semi-finalists who didn't advance were chosen by the judges to compete within a WildCard round, and secured two additional places in the final. The following below lists the results of each participant's overall performance in this season:

  Winner |   Runner-Up |   Finalist
  Wildcard Act (eliminated) |   Semi-finalist (eliminated)
Participant Genre Act Semi-final Result
Alexis Jordan Singing Singer 1 Wildcard Act
All That Dance / Variety Male Clogging Dance Group 1 1 Runner-up
At Last Singing A Cappella Vocal Group 2 Finalist
Bianca Ryan Singing Singer 3 Winner
Bobby Badfingers Variety Finger Snapper 2 1 Wildcard Act
Caitlyn Taylor Love Singing Singer 3 Eliminated
Celtic Spring Music / Dance Irish Fiddler & Dancers 4 Finalist
Corina Brouder Singing / Music Singing Harpist 1 1 Wildcard Act
Dave the Horn Guy Music Horn Performer 2 Eliminated
Dave Smith One Man Sideshow Singing / Variety Singer & Side-Show Performer 4 Eliminated
David & Dania Magic Quick-Change Illusionists 4 1 Finalist
Desperation Squad Music Punk Rock Band 4 Eliminated
Elliot Zimet Magic Hip-hop Magician 3 Eliminated
George Komsky Singing Singer 4 Eliminated
Hoopalicious Dance / Variety Hula Hoop Dancer 1 Eliminated
J. R. Johns and His Best Friends Animal Dancing Dog Act 1 Eliminated
Jessica Sanchez Singing Singer N/A 2 Wildcard Act
Kenny Shelton Comedy / Variety Comic Juggler 3 Eliminated
Kevin Johnson Comedy Ventriloquist 1 Eliminated
King Charles Unicycle Troupe Danger Unicycle Stunt Basketball Troupe 4 Eliminated
Leonid the Magnificent Variety Contortionist Performer 2 1 Wildcard Act
Lilia Stepanova Variety / Danger Contortionist Archer 4 Eliminated
Mark Faje Danger / Comedy Knife-Throwing Comedian 2 Eliminated
Michelle L'amour Variety Burlesque Performer 4 Eliminated
Natasha Le Music Pianist 2 1 Wildcard Act
Nathan Burton Magic / Comedy Comic Magician 3 1 Wildcard Act
N'Versity Singing Vocal Group 2 1 Wildcard Act
Rappin' Granny Singing Rapper 3 Finalist (Judges' choice)
Realis Acrobatics / Dance Acrobatic Dancing Duo 2 Finalist
Sean and John Dance Tap Dancers 4 Eliminated
Shawn Ryan Singing Cabaret Singer 1 Eliminated
Sonia Lee Music Electric Violinist 3 Eliminated
Sugar n' Spice Music / Dance Vocal Dance Group 2 Eliminated
Taylor Ware Singing / Variety Yodeller 1 Finalist
Team Acrodunk Acrobatics / Variety Acrobatic Basketball Dunkers 3 Eliminated
Ten13 Concept Music Punk Band 3 Eliminated
The Passing Zone Comedy / Variety Comic Juggling Duo 4 Finalist (Judges' choice)
The Millers Singing / Music Singer & Musician Duo 1 Runner-up
Trey Knight's Stilt World Variety Stilt Performers 3 Eliminated
Vladik Miagkostoupov Acrobatics / Variety Acrobatic Juggler 1 Eliminated
Vladimir Malachkin Variety Hand Balancer 2 Eliminated
  • ^1 These participants were entered into the Wildcard semi-final after losing their initial semi-final.
  • ^2 This participant did not have their act televised in any of the four semi-finals for this season. Their live round performance was only shown in the Wildcard Round.

Semi-final summaryEdit

  Judge Disapproved |   Judge Approved
  Won the public vote |   Won the judges' vote
  Chosen for Wildcard Round (Semi-Finals 1-4 only) |   Eliminated

Semi-final 1 (July 12)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Judges' votes Results
(July 13)
Morgan Norwood Hasselhoff
Taylor Ware 1 Yodeller       Won Public Vote
All That 2 Male Clogging Dance Group       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
Kevin Johnson 3 Ventriloquist       Eliminated
Alexis Jordan 4 Singer       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
Vladik Miagkostoupov 5 Acrobatic Juggler       3 Eliminated
Shawn Ryan 6 Cabaret Singer       Eliminated
J. R. Johns and His Best Friends 7 Dancing Dog Act       Eliminated
Hoopalicious 8 Hula Hoop Dancer   3     Eliminated
Corina Brouder 9 Singing Harpist       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
The Millers 10 Singer & Musician Duo       Judges' choice
  • ^3 Each respective judge meant to vote their disapproval for the corresponding performance, but accidentally voted the opposite.

Semi-final 2 (July 19)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Judges' votes Results
(July 20)
Morgan Norwood Hasselhoff
Dave the Horn Guy 1 Horn Performer       Eliminated
Realis 2 Acrobatic Dancing Duo       Judges' choice
At Last 3 A Cappella Vocal group       Won Public Vote
Natasha Le 4 Pianist       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
Vladimir Malachkin 5 Hand Balancer       Eliminated
Bobby Badfingers 6 Finger Snapper       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
Sugar n' Spice 7 Vocal Dance Group       Eliminated
N'Versity 8 Vocal Group       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
Mark Faje 9 Knife-Throwing Comedian       Eliminated
Leonid the Magnificent 10 Contortionist Performer       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)

Semi-final 3 (July 26)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Judges' votes Results
(July 27)
Morgan Norwood Hasselhoff
Team Acrodunk 1 Acrobatic Basketball Dunkers       Eliminated
Caitlyn Taylor Love 2 Singer       Eliminated
Sonia Lee 3 Electric Violinist       Eliminated
Elliot Zimet 4 Hip-hop Magician       Eliminated
Ten13 Concept 5 Punk Band       Eliminated
Rappin' Granny 6 Rapper       Judges' choice
Nathan Burton 7 Comic Magician       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
Bianca Ryan 8 Singer       Won Public Vote
Kenny Shelton 9 Comic Juggler       Eliminated
Trey Knight's Stilt World 10 Stilt Performers       Eliminated

Semi-final 4 (August 2)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Judges' votes Results
(August 3)
Morgan Norwood Hasselhoff
The Passing Zone 1 Comic Juggling duo       Judges' choice
Celtic Spring 2 Irish Fiddlers & Dancers       Won Public Vote
Sean and John 3 Tap Dancers       Eliminated
Lilia Stepanova 4 Contortionist Archer       Eliminated
Dave Smith One Man Sideshow 5 Singer & Side-show Performer       Eliminated
David & Dania 6 Quick-change Illusionists       Eliminated (Chosen for Wildcard Round)
George Komsky 7 Singer       Eliminated
Michelle L'amour 8 Burlesque Performers       Eliminated
King Charles Unicycle Troupe 9 Unicycle Stunt Basketball Troupe       Eliminated
Desperation Squad 4 10 Punk Rock Band       Eliminated
  • ^4 A member of this performance hit the judge's buzzer during their semi-final act, which were discounted upon the performance's conclusion.

Semi-final 5 - Wildcard Round (August 9)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Judges' votes Results
(August 10)
Morgan Norwood Hasselhoff
Nathan Burton 1 Comic Magician       Eliminated
Bobby Badfingers 2 Finger Snapper       Eliminated
Jessica Sanchez 5 3 Singer       Eliminated
All That 4 Male Clogging Dance Group       Judges' choice
Corina Brouder 5 Singing Harpist       Eliminated
David & Dania 6 Quick-change Illusionists       Won Public Vote
N'Versity 7 Vocal Group       Eliminated
Natasha Le 8 Pianist       Eliminated
Alexis Jordan 9 Singer       Eliminated
Leonid the Magnificent 10 Contortionist Performer       Eliminated
  • ^5 Sanchez secured a spot on the Wild Card during the semi-finals, despite her act not being televised in these.

Final (August 16)Edit

  Judge Disapproved |   Judge Approved
  Winner |   Runner-up
Finalist Order Act Judges' votes Results
(August 17)
Morgan Norwood Hasselhoff
At Last 1 A Cappella Vocal Group       Bottom 5
David & Dania 2 Quick-change Illusionists       Bottom 5
Rappin' Granny 3 Rapper       Bottom 5
Bianca Ryan 4 Singer       Winner
All That 5 Male Clogging Dance Group       Runner-up (2nd-3rd place)
Taylor Ware 6 Yodeller       Top 5
Jon & Owen – The Passing Zone 7 Comic /Juggling duo       Bottom 5
Celtic Spring 8 Irish Fiddlers and Dancers       Top 5
Realis 9 Acrobatic Dancing Duo       Bottom 5
The Millers 10 Singer & Musician Duo       Runner-up (2nd-3rd place)


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