A Lover For Two

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Amante para dos (English language:A Lover For Two) is a 1981 Argentine comedy film directed and written by Hugo Sofovich. The film starred Alberto Olmedo, Tato Bores and Moria Casán.

Amante para dos
Directed byHugo Sofovich
Written byHugo Sofovich
StarringAlberto Olmedo
Tato Bores
Moria Casán
Release date


The film narrates the difficulties of two friends with a single lover a love triangle. Jorge Porcel also stars.

Other castEdit

  • Luisa Albinoni
  • Cristina Allende
  • Alejandra Aquino
  • Jorgelina Aranda
  • Pepe Armil
  • Carlos Del Burgo
  • Gloria Gueddes
  • Délfor Medina
  • Estela Molly
  • Jorge Porcel
  • Oscar Roy
  • León Sarthié
  • Gloria Ugarte

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