América Economía

AméricaEconomía is a Latin American magazine founded in 1986 by Chilean Elías Selman and Swede Nils Strandberg.[1] The 1980s was considered the lost decade in Latin America but Selman and Strandberg decided to take risk and create the first Latin American business magazine. It is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.[2]

Since 1986 AméricaEconomía analyzes the business, economics and finance in Latin America. Today is published monthly in Spanish and Portuguese, making the biggest impact among the executive decision makers in the region. Editors and journalists of the group are in Miami, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogota, Mexico City and São Paulo, plus a network of correspondents around the world, ensuring unmatched coverage of the development of international business a true Latin American perspective. [2]

With local editions for the Peruvian market, Mexican, Chilean, Ecuadorian, and Brazilian AméricaEconomía is the most comprehensive information platform in the region.

Since 1993, the unit of analysis and studies AméricaEconomía Intelligence conducts research and rankings of the major topics of interest to senior executives and entrepreneurs from Latin America, which have become a key tool for global business vision. Its recognized quality has allowed us to complete the portfolio of services giving rise to region-specific reports of high complexity and interest to investors and researchers.


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