Alutaguse National Park

Alutaguse National Park (Estonian: Alutaguse rahvuspark) is a national park in Eastern Estonia.[1] The park was established in 2018.[2] [3]

Alutaguse National Park
Puhatu looduskaitseala Liguski sihtkaitsevöönd.JPG
Map showing the location of Alutaguse National Park
Map showing the location of Alutaguse National Park
Location within Estonia
Coordinates59°06′N 27°19′E / 59.100°N 27.317°E / 59.100; 27.317Coordinates: 59°06′N 27°19′E / 59.100°N 27.317°E / 59.100; 27.317
Area443.31 km2 (171.16 sq mi)

The park lies mostly on Alutaguse Lowland. This region is chararacterized by sparse settlement density and high percentages of natural landscapes. Roughly, 54% of the park is under bogs, and 42% is under forested landscapes.[1]

Many rare species are living in the park, including flying squirrel, willow grouse, and black stork.[1]

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