Altonaer Museum

Altonaer Museum is an art museum in the suburb of Altona in Hamburg, Germany. The museum association was established in 1863, when Altona was still part of Denmark.[1][2] The museum has a collection of over 300 000 objects connected to the cultural history of Northern Germany.[3]

Altonaer Museum
Altonaer Museum.jpg
Entrance to Altonaer Museum
Altonaer Museum is located in Germany
Altonaer Museum
Location within Germany
LocationAltona, Hamburg
Coordinates53°32′56″N 9°56′4″E / 53.54889°N 9.93444°E / 53.54889; 9.93444Coordinates: 53°32′56″N 9°56′4″E / 53.54889°N 9.93444°E / 53.54889; 9.93444
TypeArt gallery


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