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The Altazor Award of the National Arts or simply Altazor, is a Chilean award which is awarded annually. The winners are chosen by the own creators and performers of the arts. They were established in 1958, but were not awarded until 1999. The award consists of a cast-iron sculpture created by sculptor Sergio Castillo and a diploma. They were named in honor of Vicente Huidobro's work.

Altazor Award
First awarded2000


Institutions in the Altazor AwardsEdit

Nomination and awardEdit

The organizing committee invites all writers and artists to submit nominations for the different categories. The works, performances or productions candidates must have been released between December 1 of the previous year and November 30 of the same year. The nominations, in accordance with the candidates are put to the vote by members of the respective awards college. The vote takes place in two rounds. Schools awards consist of authors and artists nominated convenor that societies have a minimum of 10 members by category. Members last 3 years in office may designate the societies that replace in whole or in part. Once installed, the schools may nominate award autonomously to a maximum of 20 new members. Altazor Award winners are permanent members of the respective school awards.

The College awardsEdit

  • Literary Arts College
  • College of Musical Arts
  • College Performing Arts Theatre
  • Performing Arts School of Dance
  • College of Visual Arts Awards
  • College of Media Arts award-Film
  • College of Media Arts award-TV


Edition Year Venue Date
1st 2000 Teatro Municipal de Santiago March 30, 2000
2nd 2001 March 26, 2001
3rd 2002 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes March 25, 2002
4th 2003 Centro Cultural Matucana 100 March 24, 2003
5th 2004 April 5, 2004
6th 2005 Parque Bicentenario April 25, 2005
7th 2006 Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda April 11, 2006
8th 2007 Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho April 11, 2007
9th 2008 Centro Cultural Teatro La Cúpula of the O'Higgins Park April 7, 2008
10th 2009 April 21, 2009
11th 2010 Teatro Teletón April 27, 2010
11th 2011 Centro de Eventos San Francisco May 24, 2011


Literary ArtsEdit

  • Narrative
  • Poetry
  • Essay

Visual artsEdit

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Engraving and Drawing
  • Installation art and Video art
  • Photography
  • Graphic design and Illustration

Performing Arts TheatreEdit

  • Dramaturgy
  • Director
  • Actor
  • Actress

Performing Arts DanceEdit

  • Choreography
  • Male Dancer
  • Female Dancer

Musical ArtsEdit

  • Classical music
  • Traditional music
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Playing

Media Arts FilmEdit

  • Director - Film
  • Director - Documentary
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Screenplay

Media Arts TVEdit

  • Director - Drama
  • Director - TV Show
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Screenplay

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