Alltrans was an Australian logistics company. Established in 1950 by Peter Abeles and George Rockey with two second-hand trucks, its first contract was in Broken Hill.[1][2] In 1966 a 35% share in the business was purchased by William Baird & Co of Scotland.[3][4]

FounderPeter Abeles
George Rockey
FateMerged with Thomas Nationwide Transport

In 1967 it merged with Thomas Nationwide Transport to form TNT-Alltrans.[5][6] By this stage it operated 500 trucks and had a presence in New Zealand.[2][7]

The Alltrans name continued to be used when in 1969 Walkup's Merchants Express in the United States was purchased by TNT-Alltrans and renamed Alltrans Express.[8] In 1983 TNT named a ship TNT Alltrans.[9][10]


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