The Allal al Fassi Dam is an embankment dam located 18 kilometres (11 mi) northeast of Sefrou on the Sebou River in the Fès-Meknès region of Morocco. Completed in 1991, it provides water for irrigation and hydroelectric power production. The dam was named after the famous Moroccan Allal al-Fassi.[2]

Allal al Fassi Dam
Allal al Fassi Dam is located in Morocco
Allal al Fassi Dam
Location of Allal al Fassi Dam in Morocco
Official nameBarrage Allal al Fassi
Coordinates33°55′53″N 04°40′38″W / 33.93139°N 4.67722°W / 33.93139; -4.67722
Opening date1991
Owner(s)Office National de L'Electricite (ONE)
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment
ImpoundsSebou River
Height61 m (200 ft)
Length340 m (1,120 ft)
Dam volume1,300,000 m3 (46,000,000 cu ft)
Total capacity81.5×10^6 m3 (66,100 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area5,400 km2 (2,100 sq mi)
Allal al Fassi Power Plant
Coordinates34°05′43″N 04°37′13″W / 34.09528°N 4.62028°W / 34.09528; -4.62028
Commission date1994
Turbines3 x 80 MW (110,000 hp) Francis-type
Installed capacity240 MW (320,000 hp)[1]
Annual generation220 GWh (790 TJ)

Power station


The dam's hydroelectric power station is located 18 kilometres (11 mi) to the north on the southern bank of the Idriss I Dam's reservoir. Water reaches the power plant after being diverted by the Allal al Fassi Dam via an intake on the right bank of the reservoir. It flows through a 15.45 kilometres (9.60 mi) long tunnel before reaching a compensating basin. From the basin, water is sent through pipelines and finally penstocks to 3 x 80 megawatts (110,000 hp) Francis turbine-generators. Once used for power generation, the water is discharged into the Idriss I Reservoir. About 300 million cubic metres (240,000 acre⋅ft) of water is transferred through the power station annually. The power station was commissioned in 1994 and generates 220 gigawatt-hours (790 TJ) on average annually.[2]

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