All Systems Go!

All Systems Go! was a Canadian punk rock group, and features members of Big Drill Car, Doughboys, the Asexuals and The Carnations.


The band was formed after Frank Daly and Mark Arnold's previous band Big Drill Car broke up in 1995 and John Kastner's and Peter Arsenault's previous band, the Doughboys, broke up in 1996.[1]

The band, consisting of Daly, Kastner Arsenault and Arnold,[2][3] recorded their first album, All Systems Go! in 1999.[4] John Kastner (guitar) and Frank Daly (bass) alternate on lead vocals, and the album blended hard rock, punk, vocal harmonies and Arnold's guitar work, and elements of Doughboys and Big Drill Car are evident. Though a fairly short album, it was well received by fans of the members' previous projects.[5]

In 2000, Frank Daly left the band and was replaced by Thomas D'Arcy (from The Carnations) on bass and vocals.[6] On the resulting album, Mon Chi Chi, Kastner and D'Arcy contributed to the songwriting and vocal leads.[6] The album was released first in Europe, on Bad Taste Records[7] and the band conducted a 2003 European tour in support of it.[8]

Thomas D'Arcy left the band shortly thereafter and was temporarily replaced by Karl Alvarez (The Descendents). This line-up toured briefly but did not produce a studio album.

In 2007 All Systems Go! released A Late Night Snack on iTunes; this was a collection of outtakes and unreleased songs from the band's time together.


Former membersEdit


  • All Systems Go! (1999)
  • I'll Be Your Radio (2001, EP)
  • Mon Chi Chi (2002)
  • Fascination Unknown (2003, EP)
  • Tell Vicky (2003, EP)
  • A Late Night Snack (2007)


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