All Men are Equal – But Some are More

All Men are Equal – But Some are More (Hebrew: שווים ושווים יותר Shavim ve-Shavim Yoter) is a novel by Sami Michael, published in 1974 by Bustan publishing house. The novel is about the lives of immigrants in transit camps in Israel in the 1950s. This title became a well-known phrase depicting the struggles for equality of Jews from Arab countries and opened the door for profound discussion about the socio-economic gaps in Israel and also about the situation of the Arabs in Israel.

First edition (publ. בוסתן)

“A credible story which presents, through close observance, a diseased sector of the new Israeli society in the first years of the state. A sector and phenomena very few have dared to review and denominate.”[1]


  1. ^ Yediot Aharonot, August 1974