All Fall Down (Herlihy novel)

All Fall Down is a 1960 novel by James Leo Herlihy, which was adapted into a 1962 film of the same name directed by John Frankenheimer.

All Fall Down
First US edition cover
AuthorJames Leo Herlihy
CountryUnited States
PublisherE. P. Dutton (USA) & Faber and Faber (UK)
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages284 pp (hardback edition)

Plot introduction edit

The wealthy Williams family is torn apart from within once they invite Echo in.

Explanation of the novel's title edit

The novel's title is meant to draw attention to the effect of the self-motivated, destructive passions unleashed within the family home in the course of its story.

Plot summary edit

When the hedonistic Berry-Berry Williams deserts his pregnant lover, Echo O'Brien, his younger brother Clinton's blind faith in him shows signs of waning, while his parents are disgusted by Berry-Berry's actions.

The book goes back and forth from third person to first person (Clinton's diaries).

Characters edit

  • Berry-Berry Williams – protagonist
  • Clinton Williams – younger brother to Berry
  • Ralph Williams – father
  • Annabel Williams – mother
  • Echo O'Brien – family guest who becomes pregnant by Berry

Film adaptation edit

Release details edit

  • 1960, USA, E. P. Dutton, Pub date July 1960, Hardback
  • 1961, USA, Pocket Books (Giant Cardinal Edition), Paperback
  • 1961, UK, Faber and Faber ISBN 0-571-04094-2, Pub date ? December 1961, Hardback
  • 1962, UK, Penguin Books, Paperback
  • 1970, UK, Sphere ISBN 0-7221-4510-1, Pub date 16 July 1970, Paperback
  • 1990, USA, Donald I Fine ISBN 1-55611-192-4, Pub date ? September 1990, Paperback