AllHipHop is a hip hop news website founded in 1998. At five million visitors a month, it is the world's most popular hip hop website.[1][2] Essence magazine has dubbed it "the CNN of hip-hop".[3] In 2006, AllHipHop won the Rising Stars Award from Black Enterprise magazine. In 2007, PC Magazine listed it as one of the "Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites".[4] As of May 2008, it attracts over 37 million page views a month.[5]

Allhiphop screenshot.jpg
Type of site
Music website
Available inEnglish
OwnerAHH Holdings LLC
Created byGreg Watkins
Chuck Creekmur
RevenueUS$4 million (as of 2007)
Current statusActive


High school friends Greg Watkins and Chuck Creekmur founded the website in 1998.[6] Watkins and Creekmur grew up in Newark, Delaware.[3] In 1997, Watkins registered the domain to promote the artists on Oblique Recordings, a small record label he operated. The website provided music downloads to promote the label's artists. After reaching 30,000 downloads a month, Watkins struck deals with eMusic and other retailers to sell downloads. His friend Creekmur, a freelance journalist, had launched a website,, in New York City. After merging the companies, they adapted Trantrum's exclamation point logo for AllHipHop.[7] By 2003, the business generated enough revenue for Watkins to quit his job and work on the website full-time. Creekmur did the same next year. In 2007, the revenue exceeded US$4 million.[3]

On, August 12, 2017, AllHipHop announced[8] it had partnered with Maven, a company based out of Seattle, to manage their entire digital media platform.


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