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Alistair Rennie is a Scottish author of weird fantasy and horror fiction, known for his weird fantasy novel, BleakWarrior, published by Blood Bound Books in 2016. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has lived for ten years in Bologna, Italy.[1]. He is also the creator of the dark ambient music project Ruptured World which released its first album, "Exoplanetary", on the dark ambient music label Cryo Chamber (Simon Heath) in August 2018.

Alistair Rennie
Alma materUniversity of Aberdeen
University of Edinburgh
Known forShort stories
Notable work
BleakWarrior (novel), "Exoplanetary" (album)



A former painter and decorator, Rennie has studied at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh and holds a PhD in literature based on the work of Robert Louis Stevenson and Canadian critic Northrop Frye.[2]


Rennie has published numerous short stories in several acclaimed anthologies and magazines, including the New Weird anthology, Weird Tales;; magazine, Electric Velocipede, Mythic Delirium and Shadowed Realms.

Author Jeff VanderMeer (who, together with Ann VanderMeer, published some of Rennie's earliest works) has said of him: "Without having any wish to start a new moment or movement, I'd call him kind of 'Next Weird'. His work is transgressive and hard-edged and yet sometimes also experimental, while the influences seem to be everything from, well, authors typified as New Weird to mainstream literary to graphic novels."[3]

Rennie is also a musician and a creator of electronic dark ambient music. Under the name of Ruptured World, he released his first album, "Exoplanetary", with the dark ambient music label Cryo Chamber, run by Simon Heath of Atrium Carceri, in August 2018.[4]

Selected bibliographyEdit

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