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Alien Encounters is an American science fiction anthology comic book published by FantaCo Enterprises and then Eclipse Comics. The comic debuted with FantaCo in 1981, and in 1985 was revived by Eclipse, where (starting over from issue 1) it ran for fourteen issues until 1987.[3][4] Eclipse began publishing the title soon after the cancellation of Alien Worlds, a similar science-fiction themed anthology.

Alien Encounters
Cover to the Alien Encounters issue 1, published by Eclipse Comics in June 1985. Art by Joe Chiodo.
Publication information
PublisherFantaCo Enterprises[1]
Eclipse Comics[2]
FormatOngoing anthology while in publication.
Publication dateFantaCo, 1981
Eclipse, June 1985 - August 1987
No. of issues15 in total
Editor(s)Catherine Yronwode


Publication historyEdit

Creators who worked on the series include Ray Bradbury[5] Stephen R. Bissette,[6] John Bolton, Joe Chiodo, Richard Corben, Howard Cruse, Chuck Dixon, Rick Geary, Bruce Jones, Peter Ledger, David Lloyd, David Mazzucchelli, Gray Morrow, Timothy Truman, Thomas Yeates, and Mike Zeck.[2][3]

Catherine Yronwode edited the series. Alien Encounters featured pulp magazine-inspired covers, and was sometimes criticized for featuring gratuitous nude scenes.[2]

Other mediaEdit

The story "Nada" by Ray Nelson and Bill Wray, from Alien Encounters #6 (April 1986), was an adaptation of the story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" by Nelson that was the inspiration for the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live.[7]


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