Alice Jardine

Alice Jardine is an American literary scholar, cultural critic, and feminist theorist currently serving as Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures[1] and of Studies of Women, Gender & Sexuality[2] at Harvard University, having co-founded and led the development of the latter.[3] In the field of 20th-21st-century French/Francophone literature and thought, Jardine's research focuses on poststructuralism, frequently overlapping with feminist theory.[3] She is the author of numerous books and articles.


Jardine received her B.A. at Ohio State University (1973) and her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Columbia University (1982).[4] She was also the first woman in modern times to study at the École normale supérieure-rue d'Ulm (1979–80), where she was told she was the first woman to live in Samuel Beckett’s former dorm room.[5]


In 1982, Jardine was appointed to Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University, advancing to Associate Professor in 1985 and full Professor in 1989. During this time, when relatively women were appointed to the status of full tenured faculty, Jardine helped bring about the Women’s Studies concentration and founded the Graduate Consortium of Women’s Studies.[5] Despite limited administrative support, she prevailed and founded the department of Women’s Studies at Harvard (renamed to Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality in 2003).[6]


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