Ali Al Bukhaiti

Ali Al Bukhaiti (born 10 September 1976) is a Yemeni politician, journalist,[2] and writer. He was a spokesman for the Houthi movement,[3] Until deciding to split up from them. He moved between Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, and currently lives in the United Kingdom, Wrote several political articles published on many sites,[4][5][6][7][8] He appeared in hundreds of interviews on Famous news channels, Such as BBC,[9] RT,[10] Al-Jazeera,[11] Al-Arabiya,[12] and Al-Hurra.[13] Al-Bukhayti was close to the former Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh,[14] He attacked the Houthis and their practices in Yemen,[15] and as a result, he and his relatives were subjected to harassment and threats from them.[16] In 2019, Al-Bukhaiti declaring it "Irreligion",[17] and attacked the Islam and its rulings,[18] He and his family came under pressure because of this.[19]

Ali Al Bukhaiti
علي البخيتي
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Personal details
Ali Nasser Qaid Al Bukhaiti
(Arabic: علي ناصر قايد البخيتي)

10 September 1976
Yemen, Dhamar Governorate
ChildrenTujan al-Bukhaiti (daughter)[1]
Residence(s) United Kingdom


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