Very Happy Alexander

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Very Happy Alexander (French: Alexandre le bienheureux, "Blissful Alexander") is a 1968 French comedy film, directed by Yves Robert, starring Philippe Noiret, Marlène Jobert and Françoise Brion. This was comic actor Pierre Richard's second appearance[citation needed] on film, playing a secondary role toward the end of the plot.

Very Happy Alexander
Alexandre le bienheureux poster.jpg
Directed byYves Robert
Written byYves Robert
StarringPhilippe Noiret
Distributed byFilms de la Colombe
Madeleine Films
La Guéville
Release date
9 February 1968 (France)
17 February 1969 (U.S.)
21 December 1973 (West Germany)
Running time
100 min
Box office$16,645,537[1]

The film has been released on DVD on 4 May 2004.

Brief summaryEdit

Philippe Noiret plays a henpecked childless farmer that lives oppressed by his authoritarian and materialistic wife, being the only worker in his farm. Whenever he attempts to take a small rest, indulge in any distraction, or simply falls asleep out of exhaustion, there she is chasing him to move on. When she and her elderly parents are killed in a car accident, he decides that the time has come to take it easy and enjoy life a little, sets all his livestock free, and then practically disappears. The only clue that he is still alive is his dog, who periodically goes shopping to the nearby town with a basket in its mouth. Concerns about Alexander's fate are the center of the town's gossip. After several attempts, a delegation sent by the citizens finds he has retired—to his bed. This creates no small social upheaval in this working-class small French town where hard work is regarded as a virtue, and hence his attitude is viewed as a scandal and a menace.



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