Alexander Turnquist

Alexander Turnquist (born 1988 in Idaho) is an American guitarist and composer. He has released original albums on the VHF record label as well as limited released titles on the Kning Disk imprint and Textura record label. Turnquist has been compared to guitarists Jack Rose, Alex De Grassi, Kaki King, and James Blackshaw, as well as contemporary composer Philip Glass.[citation needed]

Turnquist's first widely released album, Faint at the Loudest Hour (VHF Records 2007), was given high marks, with an 8.2 from the popular music review website Pitchfork.[1]


Album Release date Label
Odd Weather 2005 self-released
The Antique Shop 2006 self-released
Faint at the Loudest Hour 2007 VHF Records
Sleep Chapter 2007 New American Folk Hero
Apneic 2007 Kning Disk
As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color 2009 VHF Records
Hallway of Mirrors 2011 VHF Records
Flying Fantasy 2014 Western Vinyl


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