Alexander Munro (athlete)

Alexander Munro (30 November 1870 – 3 January 1934) was a British strongman, wrestler, and tug of war competitor who competed in the latter sport in the 1908 Summer Olympics and in the 1912 Summer Olympics.[2]

Olympic medal record
Men's Tug of war
Silver medal – second place 1912 Stockholm Team
Bronze medal – third place 1908 London Team
The 1912 silver medallist team from Great Britain (left to right; back row - Joseph Dowler*, Alexander Munro *, Edwin Mills, John James Shepherd, H. Stiff, Frederick Humphreys; front row - Walter Tammas *, Walter Chaffe[1]*, Thomas Peel *, Matthias Hynes *, John Sewell ; * = Metropolitan Police, all others City of London Police)

In 1908 he won the bronze medal as member of the British team Metropolitan Police "K" Division. Four years later he won the silver medal as member of the joint City of London Police-Metropolitan Police "K" Division British team. In 1908, Munro was also the Scottish wrestling champion, but lost a noted match to Georg Hackenschmidt.

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