Alexander Inglis

Alexander Inglis (died 1496) was a Scottish cleric and royal clerk. He was the son of one George Inglis and his wife Margeret.[1] At some point in his life he had attended university and obtained a Licentiate in Decrees.[1] In 1477 he became Dean of the diocese of Dunkeld,[2] and in 1480 became Archdeacon of St Andrews.[3] On 17 September 1483, after the death of Bishop James Livingston, he was elected to succeed the latter as Bishop of Dunkeld.[4] Inglis ran into difficulty on 22 October, when the Chancellor of the diocese of Aberdeen, George Brown, was also provided as Bishop of Dunkeld.[4] Inglis was styled Bishop-elect in Scotland until 1485,[5] but on 13 June 1484, Brown had been consecrated at the Papal see.[6] Inglis continued to hold his previous posts as Archdeacon and Dean until his death in 1496.[7]

Alexander Inglis
Bishop of Dunkeld (elect)
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
SeeDiocese of Dunkeld
In office1483–4
PredecessorJames Livingston
SuccessorGeorge Brown
Personal details
Probably Scotland
Previous postDean of Dunkeld (1470–96);
Archdeacon of St Andrews (1480–96)


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Andrew Stewart
Archdeacon of St Andrews
Succeeded by
Robert de Fontibus (Wells)
Preceded by
James Livingston
Bishop of Dunkeld (elect)
Succeeded by
George Brown