Aleksey Kuznetsov (guitarist)

Aleksey Kuznetsov (6 September 1941, Chelyabinsk) is a Russian guitarist, composer, and guitar pedagogue. Mainly known as a jazz guitarist on the international stage, he has also worked as a classical musician. He is the author of Iz praktiki dzhazovogo gitarista (From the practice of a jazz guitarist; 1993), an instructional book for aspiring jazz guitarists.[1]

Aleksey Kuznetsov

Life and careerEdit

In 1962, he graduated with a music performance degree from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. He has since played throughout Russia/USSR, India, and Eastern Europe as both a soloist and ensemble member at major music festivals and concert venues. In the 1990s, he toured regularly as a trio with saxophonist Georgy Garanian and pianist Daniil Kramer [de]. He also formed and led the jazz quartet Jazz-Accord whose members also included accordion player Vladimir Danilin, pianist Lev Kushnir, and double bassist Anatoly Sobolev. With Jazz-Accord, he has performed many times on Russian television, including appearances with guest musicians Igor Bril and German Luk’yanov.


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