Aleksander Szymkiewicz

Aleksander Szymkiewicz (12 November 1858 in Saint Petersburg – 1908 in Tbilisi) was a Polish architect who worked in Tbilisi in the 1880s-1890s. He was a member of the City Council and municipal architect of Tbilisi from 1885 to 1891.[1][2] He designed, among others, the building of the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Conservatoire building, the building of the Caucasian Silk Station (now the State Silk Museum), Andreoletti's house, and the building of the Rustaveli Theatre (with Cornell K. Tatishchev).[2][3] His designs combined baroque and classical elements.[2]

Aleksander Szymkiewicz
Szymkiewicz's grave (gravestone remains) at the Tbilisi new Lutheran church


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