Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores Pinaud (1896–1962) was a Chilean poet, dramatist and actor. He was born on February 9, 1896, in Santiago de Chile and died on January 6, 1962.


Flores attended the St. Joseph Patron Saint school and the San Pedro Nolasco. Being young, he became interested in theater career, but only recognized his true calling when he came into contact with the Spanish actor and poet Bernardo Jambrina.


He began writing several lyrical pieces, with one of which in 1919 he staged a show that appeared at the Comedy Theatre, entitled "El derrumbe" (the collapse). He was not only the creator of the script, but he played the lead role. Two years later, his "Malhaya tu corazón" ("Curse your heart"), repeated the success of his debut feature.

He also made his career in Argentina where, in 1922, he married Carmen Moreno Jofré. He was a devoted admirer of the heroes of the Independence of Chile, the reason that led him to become a collector patient of whatever object that may be linked to these heroes. One of the specific manifestations of this sentiment was the creation of the Museum of the Patria Vieja, in a central house of Rancagua, where he resided for some years. This museum opened its doors on October 24, 1950. The president at the time, Gabriel González Videla, and a good set of authorities and respectable neighbors of the city attended its inauguration.


In 1946, the Chilean government distinguished his career with the National Art Award.

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