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7th century baptistery built by Willibrord on the site of a shrine to Wōden
The chapel in Aldeneik, consecrated by Herlindis and Relindis

Aldeneik, founded in 730, is a suburb of the Belgian town of Maaseik. It lies on the banks of the Meuse River, close to the border with the Netherlands, close to where the Bosbeek runs off it. According to legend it sprung up around a monastery set up by the Frankish sisters Herlindis and Relindis, who wrote the Gospel book known as the Codex Eyckensis, still in Maaseik. In the settlement is to be found the Romanesque and Gothic Sint-Annakerk.

Foundation legendsEdit


The Devil saw the sisters writing the Codex and could do nothing to stop them, until he had the idea of blowing out their candles. However, an angel came and re-lit them.

Coordinates: 51°6′10″N 5°48′19″E / 51.10278°N 5.80528°E / 51.10278; 5.80528