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The Albuquerque City Council is the elected legislative authority of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It consists of 9 members, elected from respective districts of the city on a non-partisan basis. The form of city government is mayor-council government and home rule municipality. It meets in the Vincent A. Griego chambers at the Albuquerque city hall in downtown.

The Albuquerque City Council
Tim M. Keller, (D)
since 2017
President of the Council
Ken Sanchez, (D)
since 2013[1]
Vice-President of the Council
Trudy Jones, (R)
since 2013[1]
Seats9 voting members
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Political groups


Meeting place
Vincent E. Griego Chambers – City hall
Albuquerque City Government – City Council



From 1916 to 1974 a city council did not exist in Albuquerque, instead a "City Commission" existed electing fewer at–large members. In the place of a President in the council, the mayor was known as the "Chairman of the Commission".[2] In 1975, due to large growth in the city, voters replaced the Commission system with a City Council system.[3] The next election, for City Council seats 2, 4, 6, and 8, is scheduled for November 5, 2019.[4]


The council is composed of nine members in nine districts, each elected by their individual district residents to a four-year term. The chairman of the council is elected by members of the council on a yearly basis, in votes the chairman is likely chosen by the majority party in control of the city council. Since 1975, there have been no "at large" members, elections are non–partisan, but party registration is often mentioned through local media outlets and the respective parties usually endorse their candidates.

Current membersEdit

City council districts
Name Position Party reg. Took office Up for
Ken Sanchez District 1 Democratic 2005 2021
Isaac Benton District 2 Democratic 2013 2019
Klarissa Pena District 3 Democratic 2013 2021
Brad Winter District 4 Republican 2000 2019 (not running)[5]
Cynthia Borrego District 5 Democratic 2017 2021
Pat Davis District 6 Democratic 2015 2019
Diane Gibson District 7 Democratic 2013 2021
Trudy Jones District 8 Republican 2007 2019
Don Harris District 9 Republican 2005 2021

History of membersEdit

Year District
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
D +7 D +10 D +7 R +8 R +7 D +13 EVEN R +12 R +5
1995 Alan Armijo (D) Vincent Griego (D) Adell Baca-Hundley (D) Sam Bregman (D) Tim Kline (D) Hess Yntema (I) Mike McEntee (R) Timothy E. Cummins (R) Michael Brasher (R)
1997 Hess Yntema (R)
1999 Eric Griego (D) Brad Winter (R) Greg Payne (R)
2001 Miguel Gomez (D) Michael Cadigan (D) Sally Mayer (R) Tina E. Cummins (R)
2003 Debbie O'Malley (D) Martin Heinrich (D) Craig Loy (R)
2005 Ken Sanchez (D) Isaac Benton (D) Don Harris (R)
2007 Rey Garduno (D) Trudy Jones (R)
2009 Daniel Lewis (R) Michael Cook (R)
2011 Roxanna Meyers (R) Janice Arnold-Jones (R)
2013 Isaac Benton (D) Klarissa Pena (D) Diane Gibson (D)


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