Albina Românească

Albina Românească ("The Romanian Bee") was a Romanian-language bi-weekly political and literary magazine, printed in Iaşi, Moldavia, at two intervals during the Regulamentul Organic period (between June 1, 1829, and January 3, 1835, and again between January 3, 1837, and January 2, 1850). The owner and editor was Gheorghe Asachi. It published the literary supplement Alăuta Românească.

Albina Românească
Albina Romaneasca - Coperta - Nr. 9 - 1 februarie 1840.jpg
Albina Românească issue no. 9, cover dated February 1, 1840
EditorGheorghe Asachi
Categoriespolitical magazine, literary magazine
First issueJune 1, 1829
Final issue1850

Albina Românească was the second journal to be published in its country, after the French-language Courrier de Moldavie, and the first Romanian-language one in Moldavia. Alongside Curierul Românesc, edited by Ion Heliade Rădulescu in Wallachia, and George Bariţiu's Gazeta de Transilvania, it was one of the main Romanian periodical press of the time.

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