Albert Mangelsdorff

Albert Mangelsdorff (September 5, 1928 – July 25, 2005) was a German jazz trombonist. Working mainly in free jazz, he was an innovator in multiphonics.

Albert Mangelsdorff
Mangelsdorff in concert
Mangelsdorff in concert
Background information
Born(1928-09-05)September 5, 1928
Frankfurt, Germany
DiedJuly 25, 2005(2005-07-25) (aged 76)
Years active1948–2005
Associated actsUnited Jazz + Rock Ensemble, Hans Koller

Early lifeEdit

Mangelsdorff was born in Frankfurt on September 5, 1928.[1] He was given violin lessons as a child and was self-taught on guitar in addition to knowing trombone.[1] His brother, Emil Mangelsdorff, had a jazz record collection, but during the Nazi period Albert's enthusiasm for the music had to be restrained.[1]

Later life and careerEdit

Mangelsdorff performing in 1987
Albert Mangelsdorff performing in 1992

Mangelsdorff made his recording debut in 1952, playing with Hans Koller.[1] In the same decade, he also worked with small groups and the Dance Hesse Radio Orchestra throughout the decade.[1] As the German representative for the Newport Jazz Festival International Band in 1958, he collaborated with the American musicians Gerry Mulligan and Louis Armstrong.[1]

Mangelsdorff recorded prolifically in the 1960s, including sessions with his own quintet, his brother, and with pianist John Lewis.[1] By the time of his solo performance at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, he was playing more free jazz.[1] "He made solo trombone – a heretofore unknown concept in jazz – a reality via multiphonics, the physically and technically demanding simultaneous blowing and singing of notes into his horn; the method opened vast new dimensions like harmonies and chords".[1]

He later worked with the NDR Big Band, Old Friends (led by Manfred Schoof), and the United Jazz + Rock Ensemble.[1] He died in Frankfurt on July 25, 2005.[1]


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  • Music for Jazz Orchestra with NDR Big Band (Skip, 2003)

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