Albert I, Lord of Mecklenburg

Albert I, Lord of Mecklenburg (after 1230 – 15 or 17 May 1265) was briefly co-ruler of Mecklenburg from 1264 to 1265.

Albert I, Lord of Mecklenburg
Bornafter 1230
Died15 or 17 May 1265
BuriedDoberan Minster
Noble familyHouse of Mecklenburg
FatherJohn I, Lord of Mecklenburg
MotherLiutgart of Henneberg

He was a son of John I and his wife, Luitgard of Henneberg (1210-1267), a daughter of Count Poppo VII of Henneberg. He ruled jointly with his brother Henry I. He may have married a daughter of Nicholas I of Werle, but no record of such a marriage, or any children, has survived.

Albert I died in 1265 and was buried in the Doberan Minster.

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