Albany and Hudson Electric Railway

The Albany & Hudson Electric Railway, or the Albany & Hudson Railway & Power Company, was a 37 miles (60 km) long electric railway in New York State.[2] It operated from 1899 to 1929, between Hudson and Albany. It had stops in 14 villages and at an amusement park on the shore of Kinderhook Lake.

Historical marker for the Albany-Hudson Rail Line.
Summer car by Wason Manufacturing Co.[1]

The company was set-up in 1899 by merging the following three railways:

The line was completed and inaugurated in November 1900 as the first third rail interurban line in the United States. Due to financial difficulties it was reorganized in 1909 as the Albany Southern Railroad.[2] In 1924, the line was taken over by Eastern New York Utilities Corp until being decommissioned in 1929.[3]

Much of the route of the railway became the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail, a rail trail section of the Empire State Trail, at the end of 2020.


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