Alba Nydia Díaz

Alba Nydia Díaz (born April 27, 1955) is a stage and television actress who has worked both on the island of Puerto Rico and in Mexico.

Alba Nydia Díaz
Born (1955-04-27) April 27, 1955 (age 66)
Years active1969–present

Early yearsEdit

Alba Nydia Díaz was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Although the roles she portrayed in her early days and years after, were not leading roles, from Conciencia Culpable (Guilty Conscience), in 1969, through Cristina Bazán, in 1977, starring Johanna Rosaly, she always managed to impress in her performances, Díaz has always portrayed her "character" roles, as if she were the person in reality, in every interpretation.[1]

Acting career on televisionEdit

During the 1970s, among the several soap operas she carried out in Mexico, were: Colorina (Goldfinch), with Mexican actress: Lucía Méndez, and not less important performances in El Derecho de Nacer (The Right to be Born), and El Maleficio (The Curse), also taped and broadcast by Televisa.

By the end of the 1970s, she started performing in leading roles in the telenovelas: La Jibarita (The Country Girl), taped in Dominican Republic, Modelos S.A. (Models S.A.) opposite Fernando Allende and Giselle Blondet, and Cuando Despierta un Amor (When a love arouses), opposite Braulio Castillo, hijo, both taped in Puerto Rico.

Acting career on stageEdit

Alba Nydia has also performed on-stage in Puerto Rico: La Pasión según Antígona Pérez (The Passion of Antígona Pérez), La Casa de Bernarda Alba (The House of Bernard Alba), La Carreta (The Oxcart), Zorba the Greek, Electra, Tiempo Muerto (Dead Season), and Frida Kahlo Viva la Vida, among many others.

The producerEdit

Alba Nydia, has her own film production company called "Copelar", with her actress partner: Sonia Valentín, and she's starred and produced several television movies, such as: Sudor Amargo (Bitter Sweat) and Las Combatientes (The Combatants).

The television hostEdit

Furthermore, Alba Nydia Díaz hosted a daily talk show: Entre Nosotras, (Among Us), with Puerto Rican actress Sonia Valentin and the Irish-Puerto Rican actress Noris Joffre, among other personalities. It was broadcast by Televicentro in Puerto Rico & WAPA America, throughout the United States.



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