Alan de Wyntoun

Alan de Wyntoun (died c.1347) was a Scottish soldier and crusader.


Wyntoun was the son of Alan de Winton and Margaret de Bothwell. Alan abducted Margaret de Seton for the purposes of forcing her to marry him. The abduction was not popular and caused what is known as "Wyntoun's war".[1] Upon the entering into the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, of his father-in-law, Alan became known as Lord of Seton, jure uxoris of his wife. He took up the cross in 1347 and died while on his way.

Marriage and issueEdit

Alan married Margaret, daughter and heiress of Alexander de Seton and Christian le Cheyne, they are known to have had the following issue,[2] who adopted the Seton arms and name:


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