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The Alake of Egbaland is the paramount Yoruba king of the Egba, a clan in Abeokuta, Ogun State, southwestern Nigeria.[1] Egba consists of Egba Ake, Owu kingdom, Oke-Ona and Gbagura.[2]


Sagbua Okukenu became the first Alake of Egbaland ruled between August 8, 1854 to August 31, 1862.[3] Prior to the appointment of the Sagbua Okukenu in 1846, Shomoye was installed as regent for one year, between 1845 and 1846, and following the demise of Oba Okukenu in 1862, Shomoye returned to the throne of the Alake of Egbaland as a regent, where he spent four years between 1862 and 1866. Following this, Oba Ademola I was appointed on November 28, 1869.[4][5] He ruled for eight years until his demise on December 30, 1877.[6] On January 1, 1878, Oba Oyekan was appointed as the Alake of Egbaland. He spent three years on the throne before dying on December 18, 1881. Thereafter, Oluwaji was appointed on February 9, 1885, and ruled in this capacity for four years (January 27, 1889).[7] After a two-year vacancy, Oba Oshokalu was appointed Alake on September 18, 1891. He ruled in this capacity for seven years until his demise on the 11th of June, 1898.[8] On August 8, 1898 Oba Gbadebo I became the Alake of Egbaland. He spent twenty-two years on the throne until his death on the 28th of May, 1920.[9] He died at the age of 66 years old (1854–1920). Following the demise of Oba Gbadebo I in 1920, Oba Ladapo Ademola II became the new ruler.[10] He ruled for 42 years, two of which were spent in exile between 1948 and December 1950.[11] After his death on December 27, 1962, the throne was vacant for one year and on August 12, 1963, Oba Adesina Samuel Gbadebo II was appointed as the new Alake of Egbaland.[12] After the death of Adesina Samuel Gbadebo on 26 October 1971, Samuel Oyebade Lipede became the king.[13] He ruled in this capacity for 33 years until his demise in February 2005, which led to the appointment of Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III[14][15][16]

List of Alake of Egbaland, originally Ake

Rulers title (Alake)
Alake Somoye (1st time) -Regent (1845-1846)
Alake Sagbuwa Okunkenu (August 28, 1854 till August 31, 1862)
Alake Somoye (2nd time) -Regent 1862–1866
Alake Ademola I (November 28, 1869 till December 30, 1877)
Alake Oyekan (January 1, 1878 till December 18, 1881)
Alake Oluwaji (February 9, 1885 till January 27, 1889)
Alake Osokalu (September 18, 1891 till June 11, 1898)
Alake Gbadebo I (August 8, 1898 till May 8, 1920)
Alake Ladapo Ademola II (July 10, 1920 till December 27, 1962)
Alake Adesina Samuel Gbadebo II (August 12, 1963 till October 26, 1971)
Alake Samuel Oyebade Lipede I (August 10, 1972 till February 3, 2005
Alake Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III (August 2, 2005 till present)

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