Alakamisy Anativato

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Alakamisy Anativato is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Betafo, which is a part of Vakinankaratra region. It is situated in a distance of 127 km South-West of Antananarivo and 21 km West of Antsirabe. The population of the commune was estimated 9,407 in 2018.

Alakamisy Antivato
Alakamisy Antivato is located in Madagascar
Alakamisy Antivato
Alakamisy Antivato
Location in Madagascar
Coordinates: 19°53′S 46°54′E / 19.883°S 46.900°E / -19.883; 46.900
Country Madagascar
 • Land176 km2 (68 sq mi)
Elevation1,542 m (5,059 ft)
 • Total9,407
 • Ethnicities
Time zoneUTC3 (EAT)
Postal code

In its North it can be accessed by the national road 34 from Antsirabe.

To the commune belong 8 fokontany (villages): Alakamisy, Ambalakatra, Ampamelomana, Antovontany, Iakarina, Imanja, Soamanandrariny and Soavina–Belanitra

Primary and junior level secondary education are available in town. The majority 90% of the population of the commune are farmers, while an additional 10% receives their livelihood from raising livestock. The most important crops are rice and potatoes, while other important agricultural products are maize, barley and soya.[3]

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Coordinates: 19°53′S 46°54′E / 19.883°S 46.900°E / -19.883; 46.900