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Beintehaa (transl. "Extremity, limitless, without boundaries") (International Title: Endless Love) is an Indian television series that premiered on 30 December 2013 on Colors TV.[2][3][4] It starred Preetika Rao[2][5] and Harshad Arora.[6][7][8]

Created byFortune Productions
Directed byMaan Sinh Minku, Deepak Saini,
Ankur Bhatiya
Creative directorFarhan Salaruddin
Opening themeShanaya
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes235[1]
ProducerFarhan Salaruddin
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Production companyFortune Productions
Original networkColors TV
Picture format720p HD 16:9
Original release30 December 2013 (2013-12-30) –
21 November 2014 (2014-11-21)
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Charming brat Zain Abdullah and the pretty, cultured Aaliya Haider have been rival cousins since childhood. They eventually grow up and meet again, but a series of misunderstandings lead them being forced to marry. Zain wants to get rid of her, as he never wanted to get married and only wanted to have girlfriends.

Zain's elder brother, Fahad has two wives Nafisa and Shazia who hate each other. It is revealed that Fahad married his second wife, Shazia as Suraiya (Zain and Fahad's mother) wanted a male heir but Nafisa was unable to conceive anymore after having two girls. So, Fahad married Shazia and they had a son. He loves both his wives and tries his best to fulfil their needs. On the other hand, Zain and Aaliya constantly bicker but slowly become friends when they help Fahad who has landed in trouble with some goons.

Aayat, Aaliya's younger sister gets into trouble and Zain helps her out without informing his family. He meets with an accident and is injured. During the investigation, Aaliya finds out Zain helped Aayat and his accident was caused by Rocky Singh who owned a brothel and had deceived Aayat.

Suraiya, who dislikes Aaliya emotionally blackmails her which makes Aaliya leave the house. Zain finds out later and brings her back home. Fahad and Osman plan to make Zain and Aaliya fall in love. In the meantime, it's revealed that Suraiya dislikes Aaliya and her family because Barkat, her long lost daughter was kidnapped by Mir who is Aaliya's uncle.

Aaliya promises to bring Barkat back. Zain and Aaliya finally find Barkat. Joyous, Suraiyya starts liking Aaliya and her family again, which makes Shazia and Nafisa unhappy. Zain realizes that he has fallen in love with Aaliya. Then, Zubair is introduced.

Zain thinks that Aaliya loves Zubair when he sees them together not knowing they are cousins. Having fallen for Aayat, Rizwan too feels the same when he sees her with Zubair. For clarification, Zain humiliates Aaliya who leaves for her hometown Bhopal and leaves a message asking him to realise his mistake. However, Zain and Aaliya finally express their love and they return home. Aaliya soon finds Barkat's behaviour suspicious and it is revealed that she is actually Mir's biological daughter who is after the Abdullahs' family wealth and property. Aaliya and Zain work together and finally succeed in exposing Barkat and she is thrown out the house but before going, Barkat poisons Suraiyya's mind against Aaliya telling her she is having an affair with Zubair and thus Suraiyya once again starts detesting Aaliya. She plots to separate Zain and Aaliya by creating misunderstandings between them. Nafisa who is sick of Suraiyya's attitude towards her and favouring Shazia over her plots revenge and reports Suraiyya of claims that she abuses Aaliya. She is arrested and so is Zain for trying to intervene and they are both beaten up in jail. When Aaliya comes know of this she is shocked and heartbroken and takes the fake complaint back but Zain shuns her saying everything is all her fault and he starts hating her. Unfortunately, one day Usman gets into an accident and dies which Aaliya is blamed for. He announces he wants to end his relationship with Aaliya who is shocked by his actions but she agrees knowing there's no way back and is hurt by Zain not believing her. They get divorced on Usman's funeral and she gets help from Rehan who is a lawyer and a single father of two children who Aaliya develops a bond with. Suraiyya wants Zain to marry a family friend, Sanam but he refuses but makes Aaliya jealous who has started to work in Abdullah Industries to fulfil Usman's dreams. Rehan tries to get to the bottom of the truth regarding the arrest and finds out it was actually Nafisa. He plots a plan to make her think Usman is alive which frightens her and causes her to expose herself before him. Usman tells Aaliya who is still hurt by Zain's level of trust in her betrayal and Zain's re-marriage and decides to start afresh somewhere else. Before going, Nafisa who has realised her wrongdoings apologises and regretfully tells Aaliya to not reveal to anyone for the sake of her daughters but Aaliya decides to forgive her and tells her she's moving away. Rehan sends Nafisa's recording to Zain at the last minute and he realises his mistake and rushes to stop Aaliya but it is too late. He breaks down and vows to find her.

One year laterEdit

Aaliya is seen living happily in Hyderabad with Rehan and his kids who call Aaliya mother as of her motherly bond towards them. She runs her own dhaba but is now not the innocent and carefree she once was but is strict and bossy to her employees. On the other hand, Zain is living a sad life and is seen always going to Usman's grave and repents his mistake. He is still searching for Aaliya. Nafisa has repented and is still seeking forgiveness from Zain who for a year started hating and not speaking to after her betrayal. She wishes Zain-Aaliya find their way back to each other after seeing how alone he was for the past year. One day, on a visit to Hyderabad, Zain sees Aaliya and they both are emotional but the latter is still cold towards him. He is heartbroken on learning Aaliya's bond with Rehan and the kids. He attempts to win her back and begins to spend time in her dhaba. He eventually succeeds in winning her back and they decide to remarry but face opposition from their families. They decide to remarry in a mosque but the Qazi finds out about their divorce and tells Aliya that she has to do 'Halala Nikah' in order to remarry Zain. Aliya decide to marry Bilal, Zain's cousin, but he gets kidnapped before the wedding and Aliya eventually marries Rehan. Zain finds out that Rehan is plotting against Suraiyya as he thinks she killed his first wife. Zain and Aaliya work together to uncover the truth. Suraiyya finds out the truth about Aaliya's innocence from Nafisa after Suraiyya's harsh treatment to Aaliya and seeks forgiveness from her but she doesn't forgive Nafisa and rejects her. It is revealed that Suraiyya didn't actually kill Rehan's wife but she committed suicide. After, Zain saves Rehan's son from an accident and gets hurt in the process he seeks forgiveness and seeing that they still love each other he offers Aaliya to Zain and the duo are finally back together and welcomed happily by everyone in the household. Surraiya and Fahad are still cold towards Nafisa but Aaliya tells them to forgive her and that Nafisa has truly repented. Zain and Aaliya's happiness is shortlived when Rocky, Zain's lookalike arrives and is brought in the house as Zain by Suraiyya's evil sister, Zareena. He pretends to be Zain unbeknownst to the family. But later the truth comes out and the real Zain appears as he was kidnapped and he and Aliya are reunited. Zareena realises her mistake and apologises.

Nafisa is pregnant once again and the whole family is happy except Shazia and plots to harm her and the baby. But in the other incident Shazia's son, Saif nearly gets hurt but is saved by Nafisa. Shazia also realises her mistake and accepts she tried to kill the baby but everyone makes her realise her and Nafisa can't compete with each other and Fahad treats both wives equally and loves them both.

Seven years laterEdit

Aaliya and Zain have a son, Zayd and Rizwan and Ayat have a daughter, Kashish. They both bicker which reminds Aaliya and Zain of their childhood and fights. Suraiyya and the rest of the family appear with her holding Usman's frame and they remember him on his death anniversary. Finally they all live happily.



  • Preetika Rao as Aaliya Abdullah: Shabana and Ghulam's daughter; Osman's maternal niece; Fahad and Zain's cousin, later Zain's wife; Rehan's former wife; Zayed's mother[9]
  • Harshad Arora in double role as
    • Zain Abdullah: Surraiya and Osman's son; Shabana's fraternal nephew; Aaliya and Aayat's cousin, later Aaliya's husband; Zayed's father
    • Rocket Fernandez: Zain's doppelganger


  • Suchitra Pillai as Surraiya Abdullah: Zarina's sister; Osman's wife; Fahad and Zain's mother; Zayed, Aroob, Sana and Saif's paternal grandmother
  • Naved Aslam as Osman Abdullah: Shabana's brother; Surraiya's husband; Aaliya and Aayat's maternal uncle; Fahad and Zain's father; Zayed, Aroob, Sana and Saif's paternal grandfather
  • Vivek Madan as Fahad Abdullah: Surraiya and Osman's son; Shabana's fraternal nephew; Aaliya and Aayat's cousin; Nafisa and Shazia's husband, Aroob, Sana and Saif's father; Zayed's paternal uncle
  • Gunjan Vijaya as Nafisa Abdullah: Rizwan's sister; Fahad's first wife; Aroob and Sana's mother; Zayed's paternal aunt
  • Namrata Pathak as Shazia Abdullah: Fahad's second wife; Saif's mother; Zayed's paternal aunt
  • Rituraj Singh as Ghulam Haider: Shabana's husband; Mir's cousin; Fahad and Zain's fraternal uncle; Aaliya and Aayat's father; Zayed and Kashish's maternal grandfather
  • Riva Bubber as Shabana Haider: Osman's sister; Fahad and Zain's fraternal aunt; Ghulam's wife; Aaliya and Aayat's mother; Zayed and Kashish's maternal grandmother
  • Vikas Grover as Rizwan Malik: Nafisa's brother; Zain's friend; Aayat's husband; Kashish's father; Zayed's sororal uncle
  • Shivangi Joshi as Aayat Malik: Shabana and Ghulam's daughter; Osman's maternal niece; Fahad and Zain's cousin; Aaliya's sister; Rizwan's wife; Kashish's mother; Zayed's sororal aunt
  • Nandish Sandhu as Rehan Khan: Habeeb's son; Rida and Aaliya's former husband[10]
  • Astha Agarwal as Rida Khan: Rehan's first wife
  • Raju Kher as Dr. Habeeb Khan: Rehan's father
  • Imran Khan as Rahim Qureshi: Zarina's husband; Fahad and Zain's sororal uncle; Bilal's father
  • Kamya Panjabi as Zarina Qureshi: Surraiya's sister; Fahad and Zain's sororal aunt; Rahim's wife; Bilal's mother
  • Neel Motwani as Bilal Qureshi: Zarina and Rahim's son; Surraiya's sororal nephew; Fahad and Zain's cousin
  • Dimple Jhangiani as Barkat Abdullah/Bobby Khan: Mir's daughter; Zain's fake sister
  • Ankush Bali as Rafeeq Qureshi
  • Mohit Sinha as Sarju
  • Mohit Malhotra as Zubair Qureshi: Aaliya and Aayat's cousin
  • Sunil Sinha as Mir Khan: Ghulam's cousin; Bobby's father
  • Wasim Faras as Zeeshan Ahmed: Zoya's son; Aaliya's ex-fiancé
  • Vaishali Jhulka as Asmita Ahmed
  • Farook Qaasi as Mohsin Ahmed
  • Gaurav Devaiyya as Omar Ahmed
  • Priya Shinde as Sanam: Zain's ex-fiancée
  • Vishesh Bansal as Zayed Abdullah: Aaliya and Zain's son
  • Sheela Sharma as Zoya Ahmed
  • Madhuri Sanjeev as Chan's bibi
  • Puru Chibber as Rocky Singh
  • * Toral Rasputra as Anandi (Balika Vadhu)
  • Sanaya Irani as Parvati (Rangrasiya)
  • Ashish Sharma as Rudra (Rangrasiya)
  • Tina Datta as Meethi (Uttaran)
  • Mrunal Jain as Akash (Uttaran)
  • Dipika Kakar as Simar (Sasural Simar Ka)
  • Tejasswi Prakash as Dhara (Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki)


The show returned with the same episodes but a different name, Salaam-E-Ishq Daastaan Mohabbat Ki(transl. Salame Ishq: the story of love") and was brodacast on Rishtey.[11]

This series has been dubbed in Tamil as Alaipayuthey[12] on Raj TV. The series has also been dubbed in Turkish and aired in Kanal 7 channel in the name Benimsin. The series has also been dubbed in South Africa in the name Endless Love on Glow tv. The series has also been dubbed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and aired in OBN TV channel in the name Aaliya. The series has also been dubbed in Tanzania in Swahili and aired on Azam tv (azam two) with the same name BEINTEHAA. In 2017, the show was premiered in Afghanistan on Lemar (TV channel) under the title احساس. It was also aired in Arabic by the title صرخة قلب on Sama Dubai. It premiered in Azerbaijan on Dalğa TV in 2018 with the name ƏBƏDİ SEVGİ.

Crossover episodesEdit

On 31 May 2014,[citation needed] Beintehaa had a crossover with the TV show Rangrasiya.


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