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Al Safliya Island (Arabic: اَلْجَزِيرَة اَلسَّافِلِيَّة‎, romanizedJazīrat as Sāfliya) is an island located off the coast of Doha, the capital city of Qatar.[1]

Al Safliya Island

اَلْجَزِيرَة اَلسَّافِلِيَّة

Jazīrat as Sāfliya
Safliya Island near Doha Qatar.jpg
Al Safliya Island is located in Persian Gulf
Al Safliya Island
Al Safliya Island
Coordinates: 25°20′41″N 51°34′31″E / 25.34472°N 51.57528°E / 25.34472; 51.57528Coordinates: 25°20′41″N 51°34′31″E / 25.34472°N 51.57528°E / 25.34472; 51.57528[1]
Country Qatar

The island is located 3 miles north of Ras Abu Aboud.[2] A popular tourist destination among locals, journey by boat from Doha takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes.[3]


Al Safliya Island is about 2 miles long east to west, very narrow, and curves with the northern side of the Doha Port; it is low, sandy and has clusters of grass. The northern reef projects 1 ½ miles southeastward from the island; it is mainly sand, and outside the entrance trends northeastward and northward for some miles.[2]


In 2015, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment initiated a cleansing campaign for the island of Al Safliya which included cleaning the island of the waste and plastic cans that have been left on the island by the visitors. They have also installed 35 pergolas[4].

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