The Wilayat of Al-Jazer has a location on the central region's coastline strip and is surrounded by states on most sides. It is bounded to the north by the Wilayat of Duqm, to the south by the Wilayat of Shilam, which is one of the states of the Omani Governorate of Dhofar, to the west by the Wilayat of Haima, and to the east by the Arabian Sea.[2]

Al Jazer
Al Jazer is located in Oman
Al Jazer
Al Jazer
Coordinates: 18°35′00″N 56°35′00″E / 18.5833°N 56.5833°E / 18.5833; 56.5833
GovernorateAl Wusta
 • Total5,658

The People edit

Residents of the state used to build dark caves to live in until the year 1970 A.D., and they built them from stones, one on top of the other, with no sticky materials, and due to climate changes, storms, and so on, those stones were falling, and all their caves were without a roof, making them easy prey.

The Development edit

The glorious renaissance, the age of Sultan Qaboos is regarded as excellent and prosperous for his people in various sections of the Sultanate. Modern housing has now expanded throughout the state, and their caves have devolved into abandoned warehouses where they store rubbish. In every way, the state's progress included the era of the blessed renaissance. In terms of education, there is are schools, offices for the people's services, and an office to assist the governor. The state also features an administrative and commercial complex comprising a collection of stores that provide everything that the residents of the state require.[2]

Climate edit

The climate in Al Jazer is classified as subtropical desert (BWh). The yearly temperature in the district is 32.09 °C, which is 2.89% higher than the national average. Al Jazer gets about 10.06 millimeters of rain per year and has 16.91 wet days (4.63% of the time).[3]

Touristic Attractions edit

The Beaches edit

Al-Jazer is known for its attractive environment since it is a coastal state with various beaches, the most significant of which is Lakbi, and the distance between it and Al-Kohal, the state's center, is considered to be forty kilometers. Mother Beach, Fadi Beach, and the majority of the state's beaches and prosecutors are among its beaches. With sophisticated equipment, many necessary services and residential spaces are provided.

The Pink Lakes edit

Pink lakes in the wilayat of Al-Jazer are among the most popular tourist attractions for visitors due to their unique color.

They are located 10 kilometers to the east of the wilayat's center. One is at the end of the paved road, and the other, about 1 kilometer north of the wilayat, is the largest and most beautiful. It is surrounded by green trees, which adds to its beauty.[4]

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