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Al Goodhart (January 26, 1905 – November 30, 1955) a member of ASCAP, was born in New York City and attended DeWitt Clinton High School. During his lifetime he was a radio announcer, vaudeville pianist and special materials writer. He also owned a theatrical agency. After his 1931 hit "I Apologize" he concentrated on composing music being most prolific during the 1930s. He traveled to England and wrote music there during 1934–1937 with collaborators Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler scoring music for the stage and movies. During WWII he traveled with the USO entertaining troops in the United States and abroad.

His chief collaborators included Hoffman, Sigler, Mann Curtis, Sammy Lerner, Ed Nelson, Kay Twomey and Allan Roberts.





  • Auf Wiedersehen My Dear (written with Milton Ager, Al Hoffman and Ed G. Nelson)
  • Happy-Go-Lucky-You
  • Fit as a Fiddle (written with Arthur Freed and Al Hoffman)
  • It's Winter Again


  • Roll Up The Carpet
  • Meet Me In The Gloaming
  • Two Buck Tim from Timbuctoo


  • I Saw Stars (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • Jimmy Had a Nickel
  • Who Walks In When I Walk Out? (written with Ralph Freed and Al Hoffman)
  • Why Don't You Practice What You Preach?
  • Your Guess Is Just As Good As Mine


  • Black Coffee (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)


  • (This'll Make You Whistle - English stage show) - Crazy With Love
  • I'm In A Dancing Mood (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • There Isn't Any Limit To My Love (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • My Red Letter Day (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • (She Shall Have Music - English movie) - She Shall Have Music (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • My First Thrill
  • (First a Girl - English movie) - Everything's in Rhythm with My Heart
  • Say The Word And It's Yours (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • I Can Wiggle My Ears
  • (Jack of All Trades - English movie) - Where There's You, There's Me
  • (Come Out of the Pantry - English movie) - Everything Stops For Tea (written with Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler)
  • There's Always A Happy Ending



  • Romance Runs in the Family (written with Al Hoffman and Manny Kurtz)


  • Johnny Doughboy found a Rose in Ireland (written with Allan Roberts and Kay Twomey)
  • Better Not Roll Those Blue, Blue Eyes



  • In A Little Book Shop



  • The Place Where I Worship (written with Florence Tarr)

Other songsEdit

  • Black Eyed Susan Brown (written with Al Hoffman and Herbert Magidson)
  • I Was Watching a Man Paint a Fence (written with Ed G. Nelson and Harry Pease)
  • I Wish I Had a Record (written with Hal David and Arthur Altman)
  • May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones
  • Smith And Jones (written with Kay Twomey)
  • Stop The Music (written with Art Harry Berman)
  • Those Things Money Can't Buy (written with Ruth Poll)
  • Watching The Trains Go By (written with Tot Seymour)
  • With a Hey Nonny Nonny (written with Ralph Freed and Al Hoffman)

Notable performers of his songsEdit


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