Alfred "Al" Delvecchio is a character on the U.S. sitcom Happy Days. He was played by Al Molinaro. Molinaro joined the cast in Season 4 after Pat Morita, who played Arnold, left after the end of the third season (in the last episode "Arnold Gets Married").[1] Subsequently Molinaro also played Al's twin brother priest Father Anthony Delvecchio. Al said that he also had a brother who worked at the sanitation department.

Al Delvecchio
First appearance"Fonzie Loves Pinky Parts 1,2 & 3" (1976)
Last appearance"Passagess Part 2"
Portrayed byAl Molinaro
OccupationOwner of Arnold's
FamilyFather Delvecchio (twin brother)
Unnamed (brother)
SpouseLouisa Delvecchio
ChildrenChachi Arcola (step-son)
RelativesJosephine (cousin)
Dominic (uncle)
Joanie Cunningham Arcola (stepdaughter-in-law)

Fictional character biographyEdit

Al Delvecchio was the drive-in owner and cook of Arnold's Diner from season 4 to season 9. Al eventually married Chachi's mother, Louisa. He had a sighing catchphrase of "Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah...".[2]

For much of the series Al would talk about his former love Rosa Coletti and how she left him for a tie salesman. Eventually Al would meet Rosa again in the eighth season episode, "If You Knew Rosa". She was played by Nancy Marvy.

Other mediaEdit

Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio made a cameo appearance in the 1995 Weezer music video for their single "Buddy Holly", where the band were portrayed as playing at Arnold's. The character also made an appearance on the Robot Chicken episode "Celebutard Mountain", but was voiced by Adam Talbot. He also appeared on Family Guy on a stained glass window in the church of "The Holy Fonz" on the episode "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz".


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