Al-Mukafih (meaning 'The Fighter' in English) was an Arabic-language communist weekly newspaper published from Casablanca, Morocco.[1][2][3]

TypeWeekly newspaper
Daily newspaper
Editor-in-chiefAbdallah Layachi
Political alignmentCommunist
LanguageArabic language
Ceased publication31 October 1964

History and profileEdit

Ali Yata was the head of Al Mukafih which was the organ of the Moroccan Communist Party.[4][5] It was edited by Abdallah Layachi.[6]

The paper was published weekly until 1964 when it became a daily.[6]

The paper continued to be published after the Moroccan Communist Party had been banned in 1960.[7] On 17 June 1961 the weekly was banned in Iraq due to its alleged attacks on the policies of the country.[8]

Several editions of Al Mukafih were seized by the government in mid-1964. The newspaper was finally banned on 31 October 1964[6] (on the grounds that the Moroccan Communist Party itself was non-existent). In March 1965 a new (supposedly independent) weekly newspaper was launched, al-Kifah al-Watani with Ali Yata as its editor.[9]


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