Al-Funoon (Arabic: الفنون‎, romanizedal-funūn, lit.'The Arts') was an Arabic-language magazine founded in New York City by Nasib Arida in 1913 and co-edited by Mikhail Naimy,[1] "so that he might display his knowledge of international literature."[2] As worded by Suheil Bushrui, it was "the first attempt at an exclusively literary and artistic magazine by the Arab immigrant community in New York."[3]

FounderNasib Arida
First issue1913
Final issue1918
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

According to historian Hani J. Bawardi, "Al-Funūn is still considered one of the most influential magazines in Arab literary history despite its constant financial troubles during its short life. The magazine's nationalism accounted for much of its influence."[4]

Although moderately successful to begin with, publication became intermittent before the magazine folded in 1918.[3]

Khalil Gibran had contributed to the magazine.[3]


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