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Abu Mansur Isma'il Az-Zafir bi-Amr Allāh ibn al-Hafiz, February 1133 – April 1154), was a Fatimid caliph from 1149 to 1154, in Cairo,[1] son of Al-Hafiz, 12th Fatimid Caliph and was the 22nd Imam of the Hafizi Ismaili sect. The young Az-Zafir became caliph in 1149, and Ibn al-Sallar became his vizier/prime minister, with Usama ibn Munqidh as one of his advisors. The Imam-Caliph Az-Zafir was murdered by his vizier called Abbas ibn Abi al-Futuh and his son Nasr who succeeded Ibn al-Sallar. Az-Zafir never exercised power in his own right with his viziers exercising real power. Instead of devoting himself to the administration, Zafir exceedingly inclined to a life of pleasure. He perished at the age of 21 years in 549/1154 and was succeeded by his five years old son, Al-Faiz.

Caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty
Reign1149 – 1154
SuccessorAl-Fa'iz bi-Nasr Allah
BornFebruary 1133
DiedApril 1154
ReligionIsmaili Shia Islam

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