Airdrie Leaend railway station

Airdrie Leaend railway station served the town of Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland from 1828 to 1843 on the Hallcraig Street branch.

Airdrie Hallcraig Street
General information
LocationAirdrie, North Lanarkshire
Coordinates55°52′19″N 3°59′44″W / 55.8719°N 3.9955°W / 55.8719; -3.9955Coordinates: 55°52′19″N 3°59′44″W / 55.8719°N 3.9955°W / 55.8719; -3.9955
Other information
Original companyMonkland Railways
Pre-groupingMonkland Railways
Key dates
8 August 1828 (1828-08-08)Opened
1843 (1843)Closed


The station opened on 8 August 1828 by the Monkland Railways.[1] It was situated on a siding. Garden Square was built in 1830, which was a local village for railway workers. The station closed in 1843. Nothing remains.


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