Aiden Shaw

Aiden Brady (also known as Aiden Shaw)[1][2] is an author, musician, model and former pornographic film actor.[3]

Aiden Brady
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Aiden Brady (Life Ball 2013)
Other namesAiden Shaw
OccupationAuthor, model, musician
Years active1990–present


Brady adopted the last name "Shaw" in the early 1990s when he began working in gay pornography, [1] and appeared in over 50 films.[4] He retired from the porn industry in 1999, but in 2004, he starred in another gay porn film with Hot House.[5][6]


In 1991, Shaw collaborated with the New York artist Mark Beard to produce a limited edition publication named Aiden. The book included several portraits of Shaw, with text written by both Beard and Shaw as a form of dialogue.[2]

Shaw published his first novel, Brutal, in 1996. Also in 1996, The Bad Press published a collection of his poems, If Language at the Same Time Shapes and Distorts our Ideas and Emotions, How do we Communicate Love?[7] He wrote two more novels; Boundaries (1997) and Wasted (2001), and an autobiography, My Undoing (2006) in which he openly discusses his life in the sex industry as a porn star and sex worker, his drug use, and his HIV status (Shaw was diagnosed HIV positive in 1997).[8][9]


Shaw was signed to Success Models in Paris and Sight Management Studio in Barcelona.[10] Shaw was photographed by Giampaolo Sgura for Hercules International magazine.[11] In 2013 he was the face of the Polish fashion company Bytom.[12] In 2014, Shaw walked for Berluti.[13] Shaw was featured by New Zealand menswear brand, Working Style for their Autumn Winter 2014 campaign.[14] In 2016, Shaw reverted to his birth name as he continued to model for international brands like Massimo Dutti.[15]

Published worksEdit

  • Brutal (Millivres Books, 1996) ISBN 1-873741-24-3
  • If Language at the Same Time Shapes and Distorts Our Ideas and Emotions, How Do We Communicate Love? (The Bad Press, 1996) ISBN 0-9517233-4-0
  • Boundaries (Brighton: Millivres Prowler Group 1997) ISBN 1-873741-48-0
  • Wasted (Brighton: Millivres Prowler Group, 2001) ISBN 1-902852-34-6
  • My Undoing: Love in the Thick of Sex, Drugs, Pornography, and Prostitution (New York: Carroll & Graf, 2006) ISBN 0-7867-1743-2
  • Sordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom (Alyson Books, 2009) ISBN 1-59350-137-4


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