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The river in a braided section shortly before reaching Lake Benmore

The Ahuriri River is a river in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand.

The headwaters are on the eastern flanks of the Southern Alps. The river flows for 70 kilometres (43 mi) through the southernmost part of the Mackenzie Basin before reaching the Ahuriri Arm of Lake Benmore, one of the lakes in the Waitaki hydroelectric project. From there, the waters join with those of the Waitaki, which has its outflow in the Pacific Ocean.

Much of the upper portion of the river is in the Ahuriri Conservation Park,[1] and it is a well-regarded fly fishing river, supporting both brown and rainbow trout.[2][3]

The nearest township is Omarama.

Coordinates: 44°30′30″S 170°3′20″E / 44.50833°S 170.05556°E / -44.50833; 170.05556